Why VHA?

Formed by a group of progressive brokers and consultants, Virginia Health Alliance is a free market response to the ever-increasing costs of health insurance. We recognize the health care industry needs to change, and we believe that private and public employers can change it.

Our Mission…

VHA strives to reinvent healthcare. We act in our clients’ best interest using the highest levels of transparency, integrity, and accountability. 

Why Reinvent the Healthcare System?

  • Our healthcare system was built “broken” from the start.
  • The MLR Rule (Medical Loss Ratio) requires that 80% of your rates are claims costs.
  • No “true transparency” or accountability exists in the current system
  • Insurance carriers bundle and contract out plan components, collecting additional revenue from the vendors.
  • Carriers withhold important information about managing your plan and costs.
  • Carriers use unregulated PBMs who rebate, spread price, and repackage drugs, passing costs onto unsuspecting clients.

Our Goals

03Reduce Reinsurance Costs

03Remove Undisclosed Revenue Streams

03Reduce Prescription Costs

03Improve Clinical Outcomes for All Members

03Eliminate the 12-Month Renewal Cycle

03Improve Cost Trends

Take Control of Your Healthcare Plan

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